Have our Refresh Specialists visit your dealership and turn SiriusXM ON in your lot inventory. Contact your local District Sales Manager.

We'll turn on SiriusXM Trials for you

Our team will turn on all SiriusXM equipped pre-owned vehicles in your inventory giving your customers a FREE 3-month Platinum trial. While taking the necessary health and safety precautions, our team will activate SiriusXM in your vehicles ensuring your customers get the best in entertainment when driving off the lot. Plus, your vehicles will be on a 9-month demo service allowing you to amplify your test drive and showcase all that SiriusXM has to offer.


  • Dealers active in SXM’s pre-owned program submit sales/inventory records to SXM enabling vehicles to be on SXM 9-month dealer demo service.
  • Radios can be refreshed 48 hours after a vehicle is placed in inventory.
  • Demo service automatically converts to a 3 month consumer trial after the dealer submits the sold record.
  • Refreshing does NOT start the 3 month trial.