Service Lane Plus

Offer Free trials on the spot

Now all of your service customers can try SiriusXM for free.

This new program allows you to market in dealership because all service customers get access to a free trial in their car or on the SXM App.

Service customers with non-equipped vehicles can now receive a free 3-month Streaming trial to over 350 channels on the SXM App, including ad-free music, artist-dedicated channels, SiriusXM Podcasts, videos, and more.

Plus, your eligible service customers with SiriusXM-equipped vehicles will continue to receive a 3-month trial in their vehicle and non-eligible customers will receive a 3-month trial on the SXM App.

You must be enrolled in the Service Lane Program in order to take advantage of this new offer.

Program Benefits:


Customers scan a QR code, enters their VIN or Radio ID and receives a free trial in their vehicle or on the SXM App. No credit card required.

Everybody receives a free trial

How Do I Sign Up?

Contact and a SiriusXM representative will reach out.