Set the Future and get Connected with SiriusXM

Wouldn’t it be amazing to live in a world where we could pick our favorite SiriusXM channels on our phones and have them waiting for us? To listen the shows we love wherever we go, on whatever device available to us?

Well, the world is changing at a quick pace, and technology is moving along with it. When SiriusXM first put satellites in space, it was with the desire to move into the future. That aim hasn’t changed, and with SiriusXM Streaming and connected devices, we are making sure we’re blazing trails and charting new territories. We broke ground before, and we’re not stopping now.

Before we had streaming, SiriusXM had already defined the in-vehicle experience with our radios and connectivity. Now, we’re perfecting the mobile App experience for our subscribers with SiriusXM Streaming. In the easy-to-use App, they can

  • Get access to 200+ channels, including exclusive online-only channels
  • Set up their favourite channels for instant listening
  • Show and channel recommendations based on what the listener loves
  • Discover 5000+ hours of On Demand content
  • Download their favourite shows to their mobile device
  • Watch video footage integrated into the App

Along with the SiriusXM Apps (available for iOS and Android), SiriusXM has moved from the vehicle to in-home connected devices. Yes, it’s like we’re something out of Blade Runner or Minority Report. Whether customers have a Sonos, PlayStation 3 or 4, Apple TV or Roku, they’ll have access 150+ channels, shows On Demand, and personalization to maximize the SiriusXM listening experience.

From the car to mobile devices to the connected home, all this means that your customers can take SiriusXM with them wherever they go, so they’ll never have to miss a moment of their favourite music and channels.

The future is here, and SiriusXM is a big part of it.