SiriusXM and YOU Can Help Make Memories Start Immediately

Music makes memories. It’s the soundtrack to our lives, and makes every moment better. The sounds of SiriusXM are designed for your customers. We want to make them feel good when they drive off the lot, into a bold future behind the wheel of their new vehicle. How do you get them to remember YOU? It’s simple – by making sure you’re ready for them.

We’ve put together a series of helpful tips that will guarantee customer satisfaction when your customer pushes power on their SiriusXM installed radio:

Resend Signal

To get SiriusXM started in any vehicle, a signal has to be sent up to our satellites. It’s a simple process, but what if you did it in advance of your customer driving off the lot, so that we’re ready and waiting for them? If you make Sure SiriusXM is set up and ready BEFORE your customers leave, it gives them the opportunity to start enjoying their favourite sounds immediately. That little touch certainly won’t hurt. Use SiriusXM Dealer Tool App or visit to resend a signal and get things started.

Demonstrate SiriusXM

Believe it or not, there are still drivers who haven’t been exposed to just how fantastic SiriusXM is. Why not take the time to show them how their radio works? Volume, presets, search and scan – it may seem simple to us, but it’s essential and appreciated when you make sure your customers are comfortable with the functionality of their brand new SiriusXM radio. Take them for a spin around the dial, let them know about the outstanding channels that are available, and you’re sure to leave them smiling.

Distribute channel guide and brochure

Speaking of channels, you know that SiriusXM has over 140 channels to choose from. That’s an incredible selection of commercial-free music, plus exclusive news, talk, sports, comedy and entertainment. For someone who is new to SiriusXM, there’s a very good chance that they might not know where to start. So take five minutes, and make sure they have a good look at the SiriusXM Channel Guide. They’re be impressed with the incredible breadth of content available to them. You can even help them decide where to start listening.

Preset Channels

Why not offer offer your customers that extra level of personalization – find out the kind of music and entertainment they love. Maybe its hip-hop or classic rock, today’s hottest pop songs or classics from the 60s, 70s and 80s. Maybe they want the latest news while they’re driving, or to laugh out loud with some of our hilarious comedy channels. Once you discover the sounds they love, preset their channels for them. It will mean less flipping and more instant enjoyment as they hit the road.

Think about how easy it is to make things that much easier and personal with your customers and SiriusXM. Follow our suggestions and they’ll be thinking about you and your service long after they hit the highway.